Visiting Europe By Eurail or InterRail

Train travel is the most popular way of visiting Europe because trains are comfortable and take you everywhere you want to go. The most economical way of traveling by train is to get a rail pass. The Eurail is the most popular type of pass. The cost of the rail pass is very low in comparison to how much it would cost you to buy individual tickets, plus with a rail pass you do not need to wait in lines to buy ticket, you just jump on the train. Eurail offer discounts to tourist attractions as well.

Deciding on which rail pass to chose is the hard part. There are options for rail passes valid through all of Europe or just particular regions. Rail passes can also be bought for unlimited use with a certain time frame or bought for limited uses in a given time. If you plan on traveling a lot and trying to see as much as you can, I would get the Eurail pass with unlimited travel, but if you plan on visiting for a few days at a time, go for the one with limited amount of days.

If you are a European citizen you cannot get an Eurail pass, because it is only for non-Europeans. The Interrail pass is for Europeans and is much cheaper. It is valid for use outside of your home country. Visit to get more information about the Interrail pass

Make sure you buy your rail passes before you leave for Europe because rail passes are much more expensive in Europe. In my opinion the most professional company is Rail Europe.